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Thank you, I will fix it and update in the workshop.

UPD: fixed, updated all links to the new version.

Reasoning is when you tell your arguments to another person. Thinking is when you make decisions for yourself.

They are fallacy cards. Fallacy can be explained as "faulty reasoning" or "bad argument", and cognitive bias is "mistake in thinking". They have many similarities and intersections, though.

Yudcoins are homebrew currency (visiting cards). They are used for making bets on events, to calibrate estimation and prediction skills.

Time is wrong because of Russian timezones change; meetings start at 14:00 (local time).

This 2 karma restriction creates inconvenience when an organizer wants to delegate the posting about meetup to another person who have to create new account. If it's an anti-spam measure, maybe it can be done in better way, such as optional phone number sms confirmation that will remove karma restriction from announce posting.