Stupid Questions March 2015

I tend to use mascara mainly since it can be subtle or more dramatic and since I have glasses, it helps bring out my eyes behind them. Mascara is conveniently easy, not too many colors to choose from, not too much effort required to apply, and it generally looks good on everyone. I've found that my attractiveness increases significantly with just adding mascara, so I find it worthwhile. If there's a feature you want to play up, it's good to find a nice way to enhance it.

Light makeup, as far as I can tell, usually refers to a little mascara, a bb cream or light foundation, and maybe a bit of lipgloss or tinted chapstick.

Open thread Jan. 5-11, 2015

They arrive in about 4-6 days after ordering for me.

Group Rationality Diary, January 1-15

I've been learning to solve a standard 3x3 rubik's cube, which isn't a very useful skill but it is something I have a hard time with, both in terms of having very little skill with spatial reasoning and having a general mental block that makes me very adverse to this kind of thing. I think it's been good to push myself out of my comfort zone and grapple with something I've labeled as too hard for me to do with a good bit of success.

I've also being trying to reduce my sugar intake which is pretty hard for me especially around holidays and when I feel generally crappy. I've always had a very hard time regulating how much sugar I eat in a healthy way. Since I've been realizing what a problem it is, I've been trying harder to permanently kick my addiction and improve my health. I've found that vanilla scented candles helps reduce my desire to snack on sugar and that it's also much easier to resist buying sugary food than resist it once it's in my house so I've been trying to be better about that.

Stupid Questions (10/27/2014)

Most jeans you aren't supposed to wash too often, since it can make them fade and wear out faster, but you still want to wash them when they seem dirty like when you spill on them, get really sweaty in them, or if they smell. I wash mine every 3-5 wears which seems to be a good amount.

If you're wearing raw denim, you're not supposed to wash your jeans at all but raw denim is kind of a niche thing anyways.

What supplements do you take, if any?

It helps with sleep, so I prefer to take it right before bed.

What supplements do you take, if any?

I just take 3 of the 300mcg pills. I tried them since a lot of people do much better with a smaller amount but it wasn't enough to take just one or two so I went up to three and I'll stick with that until I run out and then I'll get a more convenient size.

What supplements do you take, if any?

I take it because I have Celiac disease so I have a reduced ability to process it. I take methylcobalamin with methyfolate sublingually since that's the most bioavailable way.

What supplements do you take, if any?

I take vitamin D (4000 iu) and B12 (2000 mcg) in the morning, and melatonin (900 mcg) and magnesium citrate (400 mg) at night. They seemed to be the things that helped the most with my health and mood.

I've tried a really long list of things because of health issues, and stopped most of them because taking too many things is hard for me and they didn't seem to make a significant difference.