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"Go west, young man!" - Preferences in (imperfect) maps

Alright, here's the link for Friday:

Thanks for replying.

"Go west, young man!" - Preferences in (imperfect) maps

Hangouts I suppose. It just works. Would next weekend be OK for you?

Edit: I've scheduled a meeting for 12pm UK time on Saturday. Tell me if that works for you.

"Go west, young man!" - Preferences in (imperfect) maps

Sometimes the cluster in the map a preference is pointing at involves another preference. Which provides a natural resolution mechanism. What happens when there's two preferences, I'm unsure. I suppose it depends on how your map changes. In which case, I think you should focus on how to make purity coherent you should start off with some "simple" map and various "simple" changes in the map. To make purity coherent relative to your map is both computationally hard, and empathetically hard.

Side-note: It would be interesting to see which resolution mechanisms produce the most varied shifts in preferences for boundedly rational agents with complex utility functions.

Side-note^2: Stuart, I'm writing a review of all the work done on corrigibility. Would you mind if I asked you some questions on your contributions?

Godel in second-order logic?

Second order logic can also arithmatise sentences, and also has fixed points. So the usual proofs carry over about the 1st incompleteness theorem. But there's an easier way to see this. There can't be any computable procedure to check if a second order sentence is valid or not, because if there was we could check if PA->Theorem and therefore decide Peano Arithmetic and therefore the Halting problem.

Using books to prime behavior

You can use them for practicing techniques. Have cards which say: use X technique today. You need to actually do that rather than spend 1 minute thinking about it. Which is suprisingly hard. I suspect it works much better if you have some system to guide you in generating new ideas e.g. Zettlekasten. I suspect it could be even better if the method was incorporated into the software itself. Maybe create links between cards as well, and have some repititions where you explore the graph surrounding a card?

I'm also unsure if the spaced repition timings are optimal for drilling techniques. Does anyone know the relevant literature?