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I (20F) just want to say, thanks for doing this. 

I don't think this would do well if uploaded onto TikTok, primarily because the sequences are quite dense and require a lot of attention anyway, so they wouldn't capture the attention of people looking for quick/easy entertainment. If I'm not interested in something in the first few seconds, I usually keep scrolling, as there are always more entertaining things to be found that don't require as much of my attention. 

That being said, I think these are great. I don't think you'd be able to convince someone to read the sequences purely by exposing them to this format, however, I think for people who already want to read them (myself included) it makes the task a hell of a lot easier. It is worth mentioning that I have ADHD, and I have been wanting to read the sequences for a while now but cannot find the motivation to do so, as they require extended effort and attention. This way, the content doesn't change, so it's still a lot of information to digest but, I find it far easier to concentrate and digest the information when it is in this format. Perhaps this is a familiarity thing, or the fact that a few things are going on at once (which layers on dopamine enough for me to keep watching). I think it also helps to have the posts broken down into small chunks, it seems less overwhelming this way, and the combination of text and speech is also incredibly helpful for me. 

A lot of people have been very quick to criticise you for this, and that's probably because a lot of people on LessWrong are not part of the "TikTok" generation, and have a healthier relationship with dopamine, but I want to point out that is could actually be very helpful to some people. Certainly, in my case, I have never been able to sit down and read the sequences, but since coming across this post, I have sat through and listened to quite a few (and have ENJOYED doing so). So, thank you! :)