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Train skill of noticing tension and focus on it. Tends to dissolve. No that's not so satisfying but it works. Standing desk can help but it's just not that comfortable for most.

that the functional analysis is mildly helpful for understanding the problem, but the focus of the field doesn't seem to be on anything helpful. VC dimension is the usual thing to poke fun at, but a lot of the work on regularization is also meh

Dissection tonight at Merritt College in Oakland, building S202. 5:30-9, you can pay by paypal. 

UCSF willed body program, on contract to Merritt College. 

(Something that came up yesterday, parens give the particular case.)


Have you spent a lot of time on a skill without a cap? (like math)?

Have you paid money for it? (math tutoring) 


How much?


How much have you paid towards a complementary unbounded skill (managing people, voice coaching). 


So yeah, between learning another hour of math and a voice coach, both at $~80/hour, is the marginal util of voice coach[1] way lower[2]?.

  1. ^

    Or whatever soft skill you would benefit from but don't do.

  2. ^

    way because estimates of utility are fuzzy. [don't lie to yourself.](

L1 and L infinity norm in another way:


see infinity as an unlimited integer N. The max property of the infinity norm 

will still hold.

I still wonder about the parity prediction these days. I feel like there's something there

Except that you can have a thread just for conversations. It subsumes the chat model.

The point is that such a distribution (uniform on countable infinite set like naturals), is not internal, and therefore external. it'll depend on the specific ultrafilter used under the hood.

for how to use it, see either alain roberts or sylvia wenmackers

fact: there is no set of all finite sets

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