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Against Open Threads

Ah, you're right about meetups. It happened (24 days ago).

Against Open Threads

The clearest way to improve discussions here, which has been called for numerous times, is reorganizing the subreddits and adding a few new ones. So far we haven't even got a separate subreddit for meetups, which should be uncontroversial, although I hear it is under development. Despite the simplicity of this proposed change, apparently the codebase makes it difficult. How much would it cost to expedite the development, if that's a possibility, and could we let people donate money directly toward this feature? If it's too expensive, how about cheap alternative approaches, such as adding a menu with links to a handful of "top-level" tags, at least one of which every new post should be tagged with? .

Open thread, 18-24 March 2014

I'd say it's worth it to have some humor and somewhat self-deprecating fun here.

Open Thread February 25 - March 3

ya sorry, i misread things. showing the numbers of upvotes and downvotes would indeed solve the precision problem.

Open Thread February 25 - March 3

What do you do when you're low on mental energy? I have had trouble thinking of anything productive to do when my brain seems to need a break from hard thinking.

Open Thread February 25 - March 3

(hovering your mouse over the karma scores shows that)

Open Thread for February 18-24 2014

I've had success with Mack's soft silicone earplugs.


I'd say the benefits of cosmetic surgery can sometimes be sizable.

Open thread, January 25- February 1

Would it change for particular behavior, e.g. clothes, dancing/gestures, language?

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