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Why can't cities/countries be run more like exceptional companies? Efficient, innovative, etc.

How far away are we from people like Elon Musk being able to buy some land and build a new city with groundbreaking quality of life?

Would that even ever happen, and why yes or why not?

Locally maybe there is no purpose. But maybe it's necessary for life to emerge elsewhere, so it could have a larger purpose.

If you isolate a napkin, it has no purpose but as soon as you need to wipe you mouth it acquires one. So maybe purpose is relative.

But yeah, looking at my original post, I'm trying to compare the purpose of the universe with the purpose of humans, which doesn't necessarily overlap 

I think it might also depend on your goals. Like how fast you want to learn something. If you have less than ideal time, then maybe more structured learning is necessary. If you have more time then periods of structureless/passive learning could be beneficial.

Is the purpose of the universe evolution?

I often think about why we're here -and of course the roman empire.  And while it might be tempting to think that the purpose of life is to be happy or content, I think the over arching theme of the world is evolution. Repeating cycles of creation and destruction: biological life, planets, solar systems, black holes, etc.

It's almost a little grim. That maybe, the reason we're here is for the end product. Just like a farmer plants a tree for the fruit. But I guess the in-between steps are no less beautiful than then finished result. Same as the journey being as meaningful as the destination.

Wouldn't you agree though, that one should probably not always do the number1effective thing? Can we even really say confidently which thing is most effective? 

How does the brain data not get corrupt when waking up randomly at night? I'm assuming during sleep the brain is changing and reorganising data.

I think we might be valuing the importance of each step based on personal experience. But maybe they're both equally important. ex. What's more important for a cake, buying the ingredients or cooking it?

How can one improve the "mating dance" ?

What is your point?

Of course you will have to go through the rest of process, but you just solved the most critical step.

I believe, the fact that they might not want to know the outcomes, due to potentially complex legal procedures the effort they would have to exert to protect users better doesn't make it hard, it makes the companies selfish.

Looking the other way and claiming ignorance because you don't want to deal with the legal implications of your product potentially causing harm is really horrible.

EDIT: Happy to hear the disagreements here.

Yeah we would definitely need to reach a level of Artificial Intelligence at least equal to human for this to work well.

And you're right that debugging would be out the window, but assuming a smart AGI, that should not be a problem.

As for the advertising, I'm sure it could still be part of the interface somehow. I also don't see advertising going away anytime soon, but I haven't put much thought into it.

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