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OK, not everyone believes in reality. That's fine. But the article clearly illustrates that non-Jews were part of the mix, yet they were the Jews who excelled beyond the norms, or averages among even the best. They have proved it by achievement demonstrated without any bias or arrogance, or guile. The result: Jewish exceptionalism that is also universally documented across the world in all fields and disciplines - including charity and innovation in all manner of tech, art, medicine, and music. And yes, intelligence has something to do with it, for not all Jews were rich or privileged and not all Jews own a bank. 

These facts also recognize the massive contributions of other non-Jewish people I wrote about here:

The Crucifixion of James Watson

However the fact that stands out above all else is the the Jews are a fraction of a percent of the human race.

Moreover, the Jews cited were Hungarians first, Jews second. Fully Hungarian, proud Hungarians, in spite of certain less intelligent groups who may feel they aren't native Hungarians. And really, don't belong on that land. In fact, the Jews are more native to Hungary than the Magyars of the Seven Tribes who arrived from the ninth to the later centuries. For the Jews arrived on the heels of Cesar's armies a millenia earlier. And then mated with the locals, producing more Martians whose descendants studied at Budapest's gymnasiums! 

Sons of Israel in Caesar's Service: Jewish Soldiers in the Roman Military

Another interesting fact are Hungary's Olympic medalists. Check WIKI. The USA with about 360 million people (counting in undocumented Democrats and recently-arrived Jihadis and child molesters), or 36 times that of Hungary, has won approximately 2200 medals. China with a population of 1.5 billion and a population hundreds of times that of Hungary has garnered 600 medals. 

Hungary with a population of ten million has won 500 medals, making that nation in aggregate the tenth top winner, and per capita, arguably number one.

The only ending to this story I'm left with is an appropriate slogan: MAKE HUNGARY GREAT AGAIN!

And with Israeli and American cooperation, we will.