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A reminder for tomorrow.  I don't think we'll exactly be taking over the whole place, but I'll write a sign on a piece of paper.  I remain a man with a suit, a beard, a book, and probably a beer.  

Please feel free to bring any like-minded friends.  

And if anyone is on the fence, I believe I can get reimbursed for food, and St Vitus are decent in a gastro-pub kind of way.

I shall have to move this to St Vitus, as Tops have decided to not open on Mondays any more.  I will mail the coordinator and ask her to edit the event.

If you can tell me where to get a hardback copy of HPMOR, that is what I shall be bringing.  I DO have a copy of Inadequate Equilibria, come to think of it...

I'll make a sign or something/be more specific when we know how many people might come.