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<i>Exactly. What are the chances that typical information that is [not securely] deleted today will be even tried to be restored? The chances are close to zero. The chances that average frozen body would be tried to be restored are close to zero too.</i>

I give you my personal guarantee that post-s...(read more)

<i>Call me back when a creature has been cyropreserved and then fully restored, and we can use the language of certainty, and talk in terms of "believing in the future".</i>

You can do better than that, for example, what if you die and after a X years, people are routinely reanimated and live healt...(read more)

I think one way to sum up parts of what Eliezer is talking about in terms of AGI go FOOM is as follows:

If you think of <a href="/lw/vl/recognizing_intelligence/">Intelligence</a> as <a href="/lw/tx/optimization/">Optimization</a> and we assume you can build an AGI with optimization <a href="http:/...(read more)

<em>I think there's a post somewhere on this site that makes the reasonable point that "is atheism a religion?" is not an interesting question</em>

Both <a href="/lw/i8/religions_claim_to_be_nondisprovable/">Religion's Claim to be Non-Disprovable</a> and <a href="/lw/uk/beyond_the_reach_of_god/">Be...(read more)

What if it's not too hard? you then risk extremely bad things like mature molecular nanotechnology in the hands of humans such as the US government (for example, perhaps at this rate more like, the Japanese government) simply because you didn't try.

In the case that current human intelligence we ca...(read more)

I thought the aim is to win isn't it? Clearly, whats best for both of them is to cooperate at every step. In the case that paperclipper is something like what most people here think say 'rationality' is, it will defect everytime, and thus Humans would also defect, leading to not the best utility tot...(read more)

I've tried my best to squeeze the biggest graph into an acceptable width. But with Dot, layout engine I use, it won't seem to squeeze the width past a certain point (because of how it seems to put nodes into ranks I believe).

While it looks cool seeing the whole picture, it would be nicer if you di...(read more)