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Sorry! Only just now saw this message!

I learned this exercise from one of the giraffe language weekends I've attended, and it goes well with the first part of giraffe language, which is describing without judgement. That's all I know.

Unfortunately I can't at this time. But I will look for other meetings. Or write me personally. Good luck with the first meeting!

A simple exercise, borrowed from giraffe language / non-violent commenucation. Describe what happened in a way, even your worst enemy would have to agree with. This means sticking to what you saw, heard etc., without lumping things together or including judgements.

So, if your friend and you were to meet at the cafe at 13.00, and he showed up at 13.05, there's not much else you can say about that situation. You can't deduce a motive for his being late, and it wouldn't be wise to lump this being-late together with other being-lates.

Exercise based on this: 4 people work in 2 groups. A will tell B about some incident or period of her/his life. C will talk to D. Then B talks to A and D talks to C. Then the 2 groups merge, and B gets to retell A's words. Unless B is specific, A will have reason to correct summaries and judgements. Then A, C and D retell their partners words.

I hope you had a good meeting.

Let me know if there's a meeting in Malmö, as that's quite close to Copenhagen.

I am not quite following this. I just downloaded AnkiDroid. When I open the menu and choose "get shared deck", I get a huge list of decks. Is there another way to find the Less Wrong Sequence than going through this long, long list?