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I fail to understand you. I recall a phrase you often use "What can be disproved by science should be," or something along those lines. But, aren't you just fooling yourself? Unlike the Harry Potter of your stories, the odds of you finding immortality in your lifetime is slim to none (and as you pointed out in the problem of fun, even that would ring false eventually). So tell me, why aren't you in abject despair over your fate? There's nothing you can do, and nothing you do makes a difference. On that premise, wouldn't you reason that it's pointless to even try? Furthermore, you are pushing this belief onto other people. Now, I know, I know, "What can be disproved by science should be," is probably your response. But even if you're not crying yourself to sleep, isn't it likely that someone else is? And if nothing makes a difference in the end, then why are you taking the hope away from these people's lives?