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<p>Unknown, how certain are you that you would retain that preference if you "knew more, thought faster"? How certain are you that Eliezer would retain the opposite preference and that we are looking at real divergence? I have little faith in my initial impressions concerning Babyeaters vs. black ...(read more)

<p><i>Hollerith, you are now officially as weird as a Yudkowskian alien. If I ever write this species I'll name it after you. </i></p>

<p>Eliezer, to which of the following possibilities would you accord significant probability mass? (1) Richard Hollerith would change his stated preferences if he ...(read more)

<p>Phil, your analysis depends a lot on what the probabilities are without Eliezer. </p>

<p>If Eliezer vanished, what probabilities would you assign to: (A) someone creating a singularity that removes most/all value from this part of the universe; (B) someone creating a positive singularity; (C) s...(read more)