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Covid 11/12: The Winds of Winter

I think it would be both more effective and more LessWrong-norm-ish to argue that there was no widespread election fraud rather than claim that there was no widespread election fraud. Like, describe and refute specific claims, or at least tell readers that you dug into them before dismissing them (I assume you did). It only takes a sentence or two! You link to the best arguments on both sides, and then say you read them both, and this one checks out, and that one is full of easily-refuted lies and confusions. Or whatever. Otherwise what's the point? Most of your audience already agrees with you, the rest will assume you're just another sucker who blindly trusts the lamestream media... :-P

Why those who care about catastrophic and existential risk should care about autonomous weapons

I'm concerned that these efforts are just delaying the inevitable. (Which is still very worthwhile!!) But in the longer run, we're just doomed!

Like, the people in the military and defense contractors developing autonomous drone navigation systems are doing the exact same thing as probably dozens of university researchers, drone agriculture technology companies, Amazon, etc. In fact the latter are probably doing it better!

So ideally we want a high technological barrier between what's legal and the weapons that we don't want to exist, otherwise anyone can immediately build the weapons. What's the nature of that technological barrier? Right now it's the navigation / AI, but again that's not gonna last, unless we block drone navigation AI at companies and universities which is not politically feasible. What else is there? The drone hardware? Nope. The weapon carried by the drone? I mean, with some string etc., a quadcopter can carry a handgun or little bomb or whatever, so this doesn't seem like much of a technological barrier, although it's better than nothing, and certainly it's better than having a nicely-packaged armed drone directly for sale. So yeah, I'm inclined to say that we're just doomed to have these things for sale, at least by organized crime groups, sooner or later. I don't know, that's just the conclusion I jump to with no particular knowledge.

Election Preparation

I'd recommend against buying firearms: there's a lot of practice that goes into using them well, and if you don't know what you're doing you're probably going to make things worse.

Anyone know anything about buying pepper spray??

Journal article: "The Mythical Taboo on Race and Intelligence"

I have a 1000+ karma non-anonymous lesswrong account (not this one obviously) and I can tell you that if lesswrong got a reputation as a hereditarian hangout, I would delete that account and move my blog posts to WordPress or something instead. I don't want to take that risk to my reputation, to my current and future jobs, and to my current and future relationships.