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Against Devil's Advocacy

For the record, Martin Gardner believes in God (he calls himself a "fideist")

Where Physics Meets Experience

This post just confirms that you should take your blooking efforts and turn them into money AND reach a much wider and more lasting audience by writing a book. I think you could do a book like GEB ... a long, quirky, multidisciplinary intro to cognitive biases, Bayes' theorem, Physics, the Singularity, and whatever else you might like, and people will buy it if you write like this.

The Quantum Arena

Eliezer --

I'm loving this latest series of posts. I'm in the midst of exams right now, so I've only been able to skim them, but I will definitely go over them later. Keep up this important work!

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Penguicon & Blook

Tom McCabe:

Even if the book was just a re-hash of the blog posts that are readily available, I'd buy it anyway, because

a) I'd prefer to read and re-read a book then to look at old blog posts on my monitor


b) I could loan it to many friends of mind who would enjoy the book but would never bother to look at links to blog posts that I might send them.

Penguicon & Blook

Yes!! That is hilarious .... you should use that as the real cover

Gary Gygax Annihilated at 69

This is a good story about a guy who went on a pilgrimage to see Gygax last year

Gary Gygax Annihilated at 69

I felt this way when Heath Ledger died.

Bring on the scorn if you want to, but first go and watch Brokeback Mountain again.

By the way, I played second edition for years, and Gygax's death doesn't sadden me.

Is Reality Ugly?

What's the name of Bostrom's book, by the way?

Also, can you really say that many worlds is "quite definitely" true? Or is that just a personal opinion of yours? I don't know of any convincing experimental data to back it up.

Maybe I've misunderstood what you meant when you referred to different versions of ourselves getting different results when measuring some variable in a quantum system.

Recommended Rationalist Reading

The best textbooks ever are "The Feynman Lectures On Physics"

Rationality and the English Language

"Authors, on the other hand, are trained not to give themselves the benefit of the doubt."

Trained by whom?

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