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Eliezers philosophy of fun and how it related to human value system was not grounded enough to be intelligble?

According which criterion is it balanced? How likely is it that extremely positive and strong feedback balances negative side-effect of manipulating people? Did you just justify use of fiction by feeling conflicted about it?
As a side note I'll comment that so far I have no reason to expect your story to be a excellent introduction to your ideas. It does show several ideas well, but readers not familiar with your writing miss a lot easily, but notice that you've used a lot of insider-speak. I have no reason to expect it to be terrible either.

Thom Blake:
Whatever is true of human rightness might not that much look anything invidual humans value, but it ought to address it all somehow. I'd like to hear if there is a reason to expect human rightness to be in some sense coherent and if there is then I'd like to understand in what sense there is. I don't remember from top of my head any posts addresing this.