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"why are so few smart people fighting, even anonymously, against policy grounded in repugnancy bias that'll likely reduce their persistence odds?" Here's a MSM citation of Gene Expression today:

Steve Sailer is also widely read among conservative (and some other) elites, and there's a whole network of anonymous bloggers associated with him.

"Where's the fight against a global ban on reproductive human cloning?" Such bans have been fought, primarily through alliance with those interested in preserving therapeutic cloning.

"Where's the fight to increase legal organ markets?" Smart people can go to Iran, where legal markets already exist.

"Where's the defense of China's (and other illiberal nations)rights to use prisoners (including political prisoners) for medical experimentation?" There are some defenses of such practices, but it's not obviously a high-return area to invest your energies in, given the alternatives. A more plausible route would be suggesting handy experiments to Chinese partners.