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NPR has run several stories on how the Fox TV show "24" influences both military interrogators' techniques and civilian acceptance of torture.

TV Torture Changes Real Interrogation Techniques

Fresh Air from WHYY, October 10, 2007 · This year the Human Rights First Award for Excellence in Television will be given to a show that "depicts torture and interrogation in a nuanced, realistic fashion." According to interviews with military leaders, portrayal of torture on television shows has changed interrogation techniques in the field.

TV producer Adam Fierro (The Shield), intelligence expert Col. Stuart Herrington and human rights advocate David Danzig discuss TV violence.

Shows nominated for the award include Lost, Criminal Minds, The Closer and The Shield.

Torture's Wider Use Brings New Concerns

by Kim Masters

All Things Considered, March 13, 2007 · The Fox Network series 24 features a hero who is not shy about using torture to achieve his objectives. The portrayal of torture as a positive tool worries human-rights watchers as well as the general who heads up West Point. They say the portrayals may be influencing military interrogators.