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I find more sophisticated theologies as unconvincing. The fundamental problem is the more coherent and logically provable your god is, the less she matters, until it's nothing left that could be thought of as a god at all, let alone produce any real consequences that we should worry about. It's like the driving paradox - to paraphrase George Carlin, everyone that drivers slower than you is an idiot, everyone that drives faster is a maniac. If someone has a more literal god than you (you in the general sense) they're clearly just a straw man or an idiot. If someone has a less literal god than you, they're misguided or heretical or cowardly.

In this analogy, I choose not to drive.

I've heard that. I suppose it's for the best that I moved into a style less lunge-happy (German and Italian longsword.)

I once had the same problem with a weak core. Fencing cured it for me within a few months, though for the first two months I ended the classes with pain in that area.

This rings false. Greek learning didn't disappear just because the already faltering Hellenistic dynasties were toppled.

As a reader, it's less work for more reward.

This is interesting enough that I'd like to see some more explanation, too.

No problem. It seems like programming is a perfect example of something with a very large working memory requirement and the manipulation of a lot of symbolic, linguistic information.


In computer programming, this is commonly called rubber ducking.

Ask five gamers what WIS means, get five answers.

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