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[call-to-arms] Computer-based Math Education

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Sticky threads?

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HPMOR: What could've been done better?

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As one of the downvoters, haven't we always downvoted bad jokes?

Somehow I haven't seen that happen in the ~3 months I've been here.

I'll take your word for it, though.

Why on earth is this in the negative? We downvote bad jokes now?

The Atlantis thing was proposed in a chapter titled "Hold Off On Proposing Solutions".

And why Voldie'd lay low for TEN YEARS waiting for a hero.

(Still... see Chris Halquist below. '73 to '81? He must've had some plan going.)

>I didn't foresee this being a plausible interpretation, and have just now edited the birthdate to 1927 to avoid further confusion. It was intended as a bit of an, "Oh no, is she about to identify Voldemort?" moment, to be contradicted soon after by the Gaunts not exactly being on the Wizengamot or ...(read more)

Eliezer has jossed this. Page 118 or so of the TVTropes discussion.

Duplicating the page, maybe, but he absolutely can't forbid quoting it or linking to it; those actions'd fall under fair use in most cases.

(That is, if you care about copyright law at all.)

If he wanted to write sequels, the obvious way to do it would be to continue the fic.

>Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement one?

Yes, many people do. Many others just need to google it.

For the record: I've been trying, on and off, to set up a development environment for PB for a while now, but always kept getting error'd because of version inconsistencies. But that was b...(read more)

>So is this some sort of glitch in predictionbook which falsely records me editing the prediction, when in reality it was edited by some moderator?

Yes, that was gwern. The site doesn't keep track of who changed the prediction, so it just assumes the author of the prediction ( = you) did it.

(The...(read more)