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Thank you for sharing your work, I am excited to take a look at it at some point in the next few days. Based on the synopsis you’ve provided, it seems as if you have traveled down (and more productively so) many of the same inferential avenues as myself which arise in the process of identification and application of Bayesian methods in the material and social world. In particular I have been fascinqged with the game theoretic consequences And higher order behaviors which must arise in multi agent interactions where actors are characterized by state and strategy updates driven by approximate Bayesian rules. Of all existing work I have found in that arena, Epistemic game theory has been by far the most exciting. I am still working through the foundations of the theory but I believe it to be powerfully descriptive for mutually observable social interactions among groups. I would love to hear your thoughts if you happen to have encountered the idea, and best of luck on your new book!