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The best 15 words

1 min read
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Open Request for Writing Assistance

1 min read
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Applied Rationality: Group Problem Solving Session

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How to make your intuitions cost-sensitive

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Information Hazards

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Utility function estimator

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"15 words" is a secretly a verb rather than a noun. I definitely think discussion and clarification is good, although in this particular thread I'm sad to some people engaging solely in that and missing an opportunity to try out the exercise instead.

Adding a note because I said "quotes don't belong in this thread" elsewhere. However, this quote belongs in this thread, because

I've tried pretty hard to wrap my head around his ideology (he's incredibly long winded) and this is what I got from it

That would be great, but it would be more in the keeping of this thread to try and condense some section of this site to a dozen or so words. (Not leaving in everything, of course)

No, quotes don't belong in this thread, your intuition is wrong. This thread is about something closer to learning how to speak in original quotes.

Great subset to have picked! Are there ways to shorten this style-wise or throw out technical vocabulary to make it accessible? Is some part of it less important than others, so that you can throw out ideas as well?

Could you break down that intuition? Why?

If you think that because it's short, I STRONGLY disagree--value added is not proportional to length.

If you think that because it's an exercise, I disagree, although that's a stronger case. We happen to be doing original research in exercise form, and e...(read more)

thanks, this is exactly the case. a better objection is, it's not strictly true because things can be some complex net of the above cases, and it doesn't always break down into one of the four, but that doesn't fit in "15" words, and it's less important

edit: also it's possible in rare cases for t...(read more)

Chip & Dan Heath, Made to Stick:

Communicate one thing.

Judea Pearl, Causality:

If two things are correlated, there is causation. Either A causes B, B causes A, they have common cause, or they have a common effect you're conditioning on.

Edit: If two variables are correlated, there is causation. Either A causes B, B causes A, they have common cause, ...(read more)