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Well said!

a thought/idea can only go so far before they fall on deaf ears. Does not matter how "rational" a thought is...if you cannot convey it to just have an idea that is in your head.


I am trying to make sense of this. You explained it very well and to me it seems like you are creating an association with something already familiar to you so that you may remember certain things?

a) the DSM isn't perfect

Of course not... I wonder when/if the DSM 6 will come out...

practitioners who may not being using the tool appropriately

Example Intermittent Explosive Disorder... The names speaks for itself in that some children become totally enraged and..explode.

Sometimes used to label kids and be done for the day. The implication of this is that, this diagnosis can act as a band aid and not getting down to the root of things for WHY the child is upset. This is how a person can fall through the cracks.

That is a more approachable way. ..and still preserves the respect of others.

yes. Forced treatment might not end terms of emotional scarring, loss sense of identity.

Yes, calling stupidity as a mental illness is very offending and dangerous... This can be seen as verbally attacking someone because of its aggressive lying undertones.

Thank you for eleaborating. And I agree, a person's schema does influence their thinking as you described in your examples.

I do not mind PMs at all. I am still getting a feel of the LW community and how things are in terms of posting articles... to be honest I have no clue on how I would post an article featuring people's accounts. And yes I would leave out details that would allude to a person's identity for sure.

Thanks. And no I did not lie to her. She had no means or intentions of taking care of a child...foster for the baby was the best option she had.

I do not lie to patients/client. Nor do I give them advice. I offer their options but ultimately it is their decision.

And yes. Social field is very interesting. There are a lot of horror stories out there for sure and inspirational ones too.

If you would ever like to hear more real life commentaries , just send me a PM :)

I could be wrong but those cognitive processes you refer to might be "elaboration likelihood model" basically:

  1. Central processing is when the person thinks deeper about something.
  2. Peripheral or side processing is when someone thinks quick and makes a decision based on how attractive the situation is presented, reframing the question as you said.
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