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Sasha Chapin on bad social norms in rationality/EA

Command-f quote marks.

It's highly suggestive that every single "quote" Sasha uses here to illustrate the supposed social norms of the EA/Rat community is invented. He literally could not find a single actual source to support his claims about what EA/Rats believe.

“don’t ever indulge in Epicurean style, and never, ever stop thinking about your impact on the world.”

Does GiveWell endorse that message on any public materials? Does OpenPhil? FHI? The only relevant EA writing I'm aware of (Scott Alexander, Ben Kuhn, Kelsey Piper) is about how that is specifically not the attitude they endorse.

Come on, this is pure caricature.

Choice Writings of Dominic Cummings

Chiming as someone who has consistently heard great things about his writing, but was personally put off by his politics.

I think it's useful to understand:

  1. How he's achieved this level of real-world influence, f it's conditional on engaging in "dark arts", and if so if those "dark arts" have to be used for nefarious aims. For example, I would feel much more favorable towards his ability to manipulate the public if he was using it for causes I agree with on the object-level. So either Dominic's abilities only work for "evil", which would be interesting to understand, or they're actually general purpose with potential good uses as well.
  2. How rationality can be misused, and if so, if this implies the rationality community has a responsibility to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

...the upshot being: I still haven't read a lot of his stuff, but I feel somewhat guilty about this and plan to get around it eventually.

Why Hasn't Effective Altruism Grown Since 2015?

This is great, thanks! Wish I had seen this earlier.