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EDIT: The original post now has updated times and links, so refer to that instead.

Here are links to the times suggested, for convenience:

I'd suggest posting meeting times using, to help avoid confusion about time zones and daylight savings.

Perhaps what is missing is these rules:

AT = A (1)

AF = F (2)

A + T = T (3)

A + F = A (4)

Which can be derived from the given axioms, apparently. I'm not sure if some necessary axioms were omitted.

Using some of these, here's one way to derive B!A=!A from !B=AD:

!B = AD

!B + A = AD + A

!B + A = AD + AT (1)

!B + A = A(D + T) (Distributivity)

!B + A = AT (3)

!B + A = A (1)

!!B!A = !A (Duality)

B!A = !A


I registered and started posting a while back, but since then have reverted to lurking. Partly due to not having time, but I can also identify with reasons some others have given.

Voted down for being off-topic.

Verifying a proof is quite a bit simpler that coming up with the proof in the first place.

Perhaps keep anonymous votes too, but make them worth less or only use them to break ties.

A sequence of wins and non-wins is enough to tell you whether a given approach can result in intelligent behaviour. That alone is enough to make it a useful experiment.

A man with one watch might have the wrong time; a man with two watches is more aware of his own ignorance.

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