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Is there going to be any covid-related precaution? I assume it would be mentioned if so, but I believe an explicit statement is better anyway

I don't understand one thing about the universe. The test and the fact that this story wind "lies-told-to-children" storytelling night, seems to indicate that most children never hear those dirty-red lies. However, if that causes those children to be raised, to learn, differently than most of the planet, this only mean that the test checks whether those children are actually good, not whether the whole planet education system raises good children. This is especially important as I can imagine and fear that seeing this discrimination for years, then having to act yourselves, has an extremely strong impact on the later behavior of the person. Hopefully a good impact, because they have lived how conformity has been able to impact them for years and how it required an external event for them to do any action helping discriminated people. It's hard for me to imagine that civilization can be sure the remaining of the society is as good without having them actually tested in this realistic way.

I've a regret that the requirement to write down thoughts only came once. Clearly, there was no way I ever could see where it goes at the time it was requested. However, later, as soon as Red was mentioned, I guessed the end, the tests. Still cried reading it. I suspect that if I didn't know who the author was, I would not have guessed, that seems to unusual for most author authors I love

Please not that the youtube link and Brin's essay are broken link

May I suggest indicating in this post already that it's in Berkeley? Lot of job goes remote, and I'd expect other people to want to find this information quickly as it's an easy decision factor.

Also, if I may ask "no longer seems sufficient". Did you thought it was? The sentence seems really strange to be honest, or otherwise I'd be curious if you have a text where you explained why you thought that, as it seems quite surprising

Can you please provide a link to somewhere explaining why links to unvaccinated are higher than they appear.

My assumption is that the risk I take is proportional to the number of people which can transmit Covid that I meet. If vaccinated people still present the same risk of transmitting Covid to unvaccinated people and do not get tested, then your number makes sens. But it does not seem that it is what you have in mind.

I also understand that some people takes more risk as they know that a lot of people nearby are vaccinated. Or simply because the government restrictions changed, forcing them to go back to work even without vaccine.

If we want to track whether anything makes the virus more dangerous than it used to be, I understand that statisticians need to take the percentage of vaccinated people into account to measure the actual risk of transmission from an unvaccinated person with Covid to another unvaccinated person. So, clearly, if a new variant arrives and get dominant in my town/lander, the update I need to make about this variant is greater than the usual update I need to make about new variant. But this statement do not seem to be as important and far-reaching than the statement you made, so I suppose I missed something. Any help to understand what I missed would be greatly appreciated

I believe the advice would be:

  • if some people you have some trust in argues loudly about an idea
  • that this occurs rarely enough
  • then it's worth putting 100$ into it (or whatever amount you're confortable, that would not make you tick if it's lost) just in case

Same thing as usual. If the cost is low, return potentially quite high, and there is good reason for you to expect the indication not to be well known, then it's worth giving a try. If it only works one in ten advice, you still make huge

Some of those links uses the deprecated .anki file format. Import .anki files is an add-on I created for a Less Wronger, that will allow you to import those old decks


Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback. I had never heard of anki used to ask the whole room to review, interesting. I just shared it on anki subreddit

If I can, I'd strongly suggest you to edit slightly your introduction to add that you are the teacher and that it's an English class for US students. Personally, I was not sure at first you were student or teacher, and what kind of things you taught (I'd suspect that teaching math would be more complex than foreign vocabulary; even if I've never tested it with classes.)

You mention coding, you also mentioned anki. Did you think about reaching to the anki community for help? You probably know already that anki has quite a lot of add-ons. That means that dozens of devs know the codebase very well and could have created features and work with you to adapt the app. That may have added more freedom to your experimentation. I have little doubt that this concept of trying new stuff would interest enough people that, at least for simple changes, you'd have found devs offering some of their time.

For the context, I'm a maintainer of AnkiDroid, I contributed considerably to Anki's codebase and created more than 60 add-ons myself. So I'd admit I am extremely biased here.

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