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The LessWrong Team is now Lightcone Infrastructure, come work with us!

May I suggest indicating in this post already that it's in Berkeley? Lot of job goes remote, and I'd expect other people to want to find this information quickly as it's an easy decision factor.

Also, if I may ask "no longer seems sufficient". Did you thought it was? The sentence seems really strange to be honest, or otherwise I'd be curious if you have a text where you explained why you thought that, as it seems quite surprising

Covid 4/9: Another Vaccine Passport Objection

Can you please provide a link to somewhere explaining why links to unvaccinated are higher than they appear.

My assumption is that the risk I take is proportional to the number of people which can transmit Covid that I meet. If vaccinated people still present the same risk of transmitting Covid to unvaccinated people and do not get tested, then your number makes sens. But it does not seem that it is what you have in mind.

I also understand that some people takes more risk as they know that a lot of people nearby are vaccinated. Or simply because the government restrictions changed, forcing them to go back to work even without vaccine.

If we want to track whether anything makes the virus more dangerous than it used to be, I understand that statisticians need to take the percentage of vaccinated people into account to measure the actual risk of transmission from an unvaccinated person with Covid to another unvaccinated person. So, clearly, if a new variant arrives and get dominant in my town/lander, the update I need to make about this variant is greater than the usual update I need to make about new variant. But this statement do not seem to be as important and far-reaching than the statement you made, so I suppose I missed something. Any help to understand what I missed would be greatly appreciated

People Will Listen

I believe the advice would be:

  • if some people you have some trust in argues loudly about an idea
  • that this occurs rarely enough
  • then it's worth putting 100$ into it (or whatever amount you're confortable, that would not make you tick if it's lost) just in case

Same thing as usual. If the cost is low, return potentially quite high, and there is good reason for you to expect the indication not to be well known, then it's worth giving a try. If it only works one in ten advice, you still make huge

Anki decks by LW users

Some of those links uses the deprecated .anki file format. Import .anki files is an add-on I created for a Less Wronger, that will allow you to import those old decks

Seven Years of Spaced Repetition Software in the Classroom


Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback. I had never heard of anki used to ask the whole room to review, interesting. I just shared it on anki subreddit

If I can, I'd strongly suggest you to edit slightly your introduction to add that you are the teacher and that it's an English class for US students. Personally, I was not sure at first you were student or teacher, and what kind of things you taught (I'd suspect that teaching math would be more complex than foreign vocabulary; even if I've never tested it with classes.)

You mention coding, you also mentioned anki. Did you think about reaching to the anki community for help? You probably know already that anki has quite a lot of add-ons. That means that dozens of devs know the codebase very well and could have created features and work with you to adapt the app. That may have added more freedom to your experimentation. I have little doubt that this concept of trying new stuff would interest enough people that, at least for simple changes, you'd have found devs offering some of their time.

For the context, I'm a maintainer of AnkiDroid, I contributed considerably to Anki's codebase and created more than 60 add-ons myself. So I'd admit I am extremely biased here.

Group house norms really do seem toxic to many people.

I am extremely confused. You mention that the situation preceded your arrival, however, I recall you arrived while I was living in DT and I can't figure out what you're talking about. I'm not extremely good about reading the room, so this is not surprising by itself, but I would have expected to notice if there were huge regular problem. The worst discussion I recalled was about finding out who was the owner of something in the fridge. As far as I know, we never figured it out and assumed it was left by someone who didn't live it anymore. Kind of gross, but clearly not the level of conflict you are mentioning here.

The only thing I can really think which explain that I didn't notice conflict is that I only stayed a month, so probably didn't have time to build real one nor to be taught big pictures of current problems. However, I must state that I really enjoyed this month, and I would have happily stayed longer if the room was not rented to somebody else.

I probably conflate DT and the Bay Area, after all I discovered both at the same time. I really enjoyed the bay area, and this probably reflected positively to my thoughts about DT.

I'd note that I was already confused before. I've discovered after moving in that DT was not just a shared house but was created with a purpose, and I never really understood why I was offered a room. Just "having someone paying one month of rent instead of leaving a free room" do not seems a good explanation, as there are probably other people that would have been helped far more with a cheap room than myself.

How I come up with ideas


In case it interest you, I wrote an explanation about how to put an arbitrary scheduler in Anki to work also with mobile software Please let me know if it present any interest to you. I'm extremely interested in alternative scheduler

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop the add-on behind this post, am a mainteneur of ankidroid and am quite related to anki developement in general

Your Cheerful Price

I'll try to be more specific. In itself, I would have happily billed them 50€ and think I made a profit. The job I rejected required to make a change to a code base that I know extremely well, and that would have been done in less than 30 minutes, including testing.

If I were to accept free lance client in 2021, I would need to declare this income. I have literally no idea how much work it would be to declare it in the four countries I have to do a tax income declaration. However, it would essentially be a one time cost whatever the number of job I got in the year.

According to French law, an error in declaration could cost 5000€ if I recall correctly, and I really don't believe I would not make an error if I did the tax myself. So I would need to hire an accountant. I didn't thought about billing 5000€ or an accountant to the client. I'll clearly also need an accountant in Germany, given that I don't speak German. I've yet no idea whether the accountant would charge more if, with my salary, I also got some free lance job.

I would find strange anyway to charge all of those one-time-cost to the first client; however I would not expect to have more than 5 clients either, so the cost would still be pretty high. And at this point, the bill would mostly contain the accountant costs and not the cost of my work anymore.

So yeah, I could clearly ask for 10 000€ instead of the 50€ I first thought about. It would clearly have been an happy price, covered both the fees if I made a mistake and the accountant fees. And just I'd be happy to know I can help people that much that it's worth this price for them. But I don't believe asking this kind of price would have make sens here.

Your Cheerful Price

A few practical remarks, that I believe should be resolved if this were to be implemented generally. How do you deal with people who are not cheerful to have spent the time thinking about their cheerful price, and having the deal not occurred. As you wrote, they may have imagined that the price will be pay and enjoy this thought, they probably need to do this to ensure that the price is cheerful, and so it may hurts a little bit. Worse, if you speaks to a room, then you are essentially asking a bunch of people to do a quote, that's actual work, because they need to be listen to you, consider the question, and know that whatever price they quote, there is plenty of chance not to be selected because someone gave a lower price.

I'd add that, if you want to obey the law, tax laws in particular, then anything you do for a price is going to be freelancing at least, to need to be declared to the tax authority, requires paperwork, potential tax service check, social security, retirement contribution... depending on the country. So, while I agree it could make sens to behave this way with friends who are also freelancers, it seems extremely hard to generalize todays, unless you accept to put those friends at middle-term risk. Maybe you know all of your friends can deal with any of those complication if required, if a tax authority asks why there are more money on their bank account, but if anyone fear hurting someone by accepting a price to low, then I would assume the same person would fear those consequences too.

I know for a fact I sometime rejected job I would have been able to do and was offered a correct price just because I need to do tax declaration in three or four countries and the few hundreds euros I could have made were not worth the added complexity.

Remembering people's name with Anki

Thanks. I only partially agree with what you quote.

In a part of hacker community, being able to remember who is Raymond or Graham may be the difference between being considered as a member of the ingroup or not. Of course, that's never such a binary choice, but it clearly may help to indicates that we have the same reading in commons, Hacker and Painter, The bazar and the Cathedraal. I can't state whether it'll save 5 minutes or less, because the question is not how much time it takes to remember the information, but the message sent.

Furthermore, it sometimes occurred that I met famous searcher in academic conference. Turing price or Fields Medal. I won't work with them quite probably, but I suspect that having known who they are, what they are known for, may potentially have been a lead to interesting discussion, and help me know where to lead the discussion.

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