Your Cheerful Price

A few practical remarks, that I believe should be resolved if this were to be implemented generally. How do you deal with people who are not cheerful to have spent the time thinking about their cheerful price, and having the deal not occurred. As you wrote, they may have imagined that the price will be pay and enjoy this thought, they probably need to do this to ensure that the price is cheerful, and so it may hurts a little bit. Worse, if you speaks to a room, then you are essentially asking a bunch of people to do a quote, that's actual work, because they need to be listen to you, consider the question, and know that whatever price they quote, there is plenty of chance not to be selected because someone gave a lower price.

I'd add that, if you want to obey the law, tax laws in particular, then anything you do for a price is going to be freelancing at least, to need to be declared to the tax authority, requires paperwork, potential tax service check, social security, retirement contribution... depending on the country. So, while I agree it could make sens to behave this way with friends who are also freelancers, it seems extremely hard to generalize todays, unless you accept to put those friends at middle-term risk. Maybe you know all of your friends can deal with any of those complication if required, if a tax authority asks why there are more money on their bank account, but if anyone fear hurting someone by accepting a price to low, then I would assume the same person would fear those consequences too.

I know for a fact I sometime rejected job I would have been able to do and was offered a correct price just because I need to do tax declaration in three or four countries and the few hundreds euros I could have made were not worth the added complexity.

Remembering people's name with Anki

Thanks. I only partially agree with what you quote.

In a part of hacker community, being able to remember who is Raymond or Graham may be the difference between being considered as a member of the ingroup or not. Of course, that's never such a binary choice, but it clearly may help to indicates that we have the same reading in commons, Hacker and Painter, The bazar and the Cathedraal. I can't state whether it'll save 5 minutes or less, because the question is not how much time it takes to remember the information, but the message sent.

Furthermore, it sometimes occurred that I met famous searcher in academic conference. Turing price or Fields Medal. I won't work with them quite probably, but I suspect that having known who they are, what they are known for, may potentially have been a lead to interesting discussion, and help me know where to lead the discussion.

Remembering people's name with Anki

Because I'm lazy.

More generally, usually, the path is: I see someone every week, then I don't see them at all anymore. This is usually the case when I move to a new country/job. That's the moment where the interval/setting should change. Even if I don't do it manually, the next time the question is asked and I press again, the fact that I forgot means the interval will become small again. In this case, the app will mostly deal with it by itself, even if it takes some time, so no reason to take time dealing with it myself.

Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Secrets - Part 13

I don't understand. I was quite intrigued about platform 9 and a half, about detecting things by explicitly ignoring everything of interest, really nice ideas. I'm usually able to read fics in English and understand most of it, but in this case, I fear I failed a lot. I do not know whether it is because some things were removed from history or whether it's because it 's a LL point of view. I can imagine that it's a really good point of view, but that's too confusing for me to follow. It's not even clear to me what occured at the end

Local Validity as a Key to Sanity and Civilization

A small note, which would probably have been better before it get published. For someone not following US politics, the story of Doug Jones is hard to follow as I don't have any context about it. My first reading suggest that some people would have wanted to expel a senator, leaving the senate with one less member on the democratic side. But it does not seems to make sens, unless some party have the power to expell a senator from the whole senate

Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Secrets - Part 8

I really like the whole feeling. I am just confused about the fact that "I can not confirm nor deny" is used so widely. I can get how Mad Eye could get it from HJPEV, not how Lockhart could, and especially why he would use such a complex formulation.

The LessWrong 2018 Book is Available for Pre-order

Sounds quite cool!

There are quite a lot of interesting things, but it's hard to read less wrong as there are just so many links, and finding what to read next is computationally very costly. A book solve the problem! I may imagine buying the ebook version just for having this order simplifying the reading decision.

One question: do you have any plan to make an audiobook of it? I listen more than I read, and would really love to listen to it, assuming that some texts can be understood without the drawings. I assume that some textes from Scott Alexander may already exists in audio thanks to SSC podcast. A LW Best-Of podcast, similar to SSC podcast and to the RAIFTZ audiobook would be extremly wonderful.

Low hanging fruits (LWCW 2020)

The comment was not about having facebook or any big company/administration knowing your data. I admit there is little advice relevant here. Personally, I share often my notes and don't really check everytime what's in them. It would be too complex, so I avoid to put anything that I should not share in them (and warn the recipient that there may be some NSFW things)

Low hanging fruits (LWCW 2020)

I am honestly not that sure. I know personally I won't apply all of those low-hanging fruit, and I doubt anyone will. Even if some "fruits" may be useful to me, there is so many fruits that it would take far too much time testing all of them. So in my opinion, I need to have a small quantity of fruits at once. A one-hour even with one fruit by person is nice, because it gives a clear time-frame. Going to read list of fruits seems too hard intellectually, since so many fruits are different I need to constantly context-switch.

Furthermore, a live even allow to see each person's enthousiasm, it allow them to explain in details. I have a hard time imagining how that could be done in such a big list, especially if it's one person's fruit.

To be honest, I don't expect this current list to be useful to anybody that was not here, but I expect it to be really cool for people who want to recall the details of what they heard.

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