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How I use Anki to learn mathematics

7 min read
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The link " is broken. While it seems to be a self help link, it's not fashion related at all. It seems to be just pick up artist trick

For your information, Myrtle Young is now a broken link. (sad. Sounds funny)

Apart from that, thanks. Interesting article. At least because I had no idea so much research where done on those subjects.

A first deck is shared on I may want to edit it more before uploading it on Ankiweb servers. But I'm confident that this deck have high quality compared to what is currently on ankiweb.

Why the grain of common advice (never heard this expression before) says not to use Anki to learn programming language ? I find it useful in order to recall the order of the argument of certain functions, like List.fold_left and List.fold_right, that I often uses when programming.

I am going to share my decks when I'm confortable with their quality. They will all be on Right now, there is only the deck from Linear Algebra done Right. Both as an anki package and as text

In both case, you'll need an LaTeX compiler to see them correctly. Sharing the c...(read more)

1- I hope it to works for long term memory. But I have been using Anki for 6 months now. Therefore, I can not say anything about remembering things for years. I can however, that it certainly helps remembering some things during a few months. It implies that it helps going through the book, even if ...(read more)

I think you are supposed to tell which is the one you recommend. I would like to read a textbook on mathematical logic, and would like to know which one to choose. And you just give a list without any advice

Broken link and no copy on

Hello from Paris, France.

As many of you, I first discovered all of this by HPMOR (actually, its French translation). I then read entirely Rationality, from AI to Zombie (because, honestly, reading things in order is SO MUCH easier than having 20 tabs open with 20 links I followed on the previous p...(read more)