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Sharing what I find to be obvious and is my own internalized "common sense" is a philanthropic donation of the mind that for many years I was too selfish to be able to do. I personally have benefitted from the perusal of many blogs, finding help for both my personal and professional life and finally have come to accept that to give back to the minds around me will benefit myself and everyone else which will in turn benefit myself. I will throw out this tidbit of discovery now... Greatness is a function of effort. Huge projects that dwarf all before it are not greater than the smallest project of one careful person's craft.

There seems to be positive correlation between financial investment product purchases and future purchases. Low volume entities fluctuate at a higher rate with less correlation due to a larger percentage of the product being subjected to "insider" or "arranged" trading. Nothing illegal suggested here of course, just day to day trading in the real world. High volume trading instruments, however, can clearly exhibit trending and the trend "lives" are long enough and obvious enough to ride and take profit from indicating that sometimes a bet may reveal intentions.