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Rationality Quotes February 2013

1 min read
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Cancer scientist meets amateur (This American Life)

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Explanation found for the Pioneer anomaly

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NPR show All Things Considered on the Singularity and SIAI

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I think I found what I was thinking of! It wasn’t George H. Smith, it was Jeff Riggenbach. Smith published it in a “short-lived online zine” of his and reposted it here. (It’s a review of Ayn Rand’s The Art of Nonfiction. Be warned that the formatting isn’t quite right—block quotes from the book are...(read more)

George H. Smith said something once, maybe in an email discussion group or something. I can't find it now but it was something along the lines of: When he first started writing he did the standard thing of writing a first draft then rewriting it. But after spending years writing a large quantity of ...(read more)

Thanks for the response! (I've seen you say similar stuff about "akrasia" once or twice before and had been meaning to ask you about it. I'll think about this.)

("Meditations on Moloch" link for anyone who didn't understand the reference.)

Edit: I rewrote this to use "Alice" and "Bob" instead of "you" and "me" as characters to clarify that it's a thought experiment and not a question about Less Wrong user arundelo (though it is inspired by actual events). I also added a paragraph at the end. Let's say Alice asks Bob why he didn't watc...(read more)


This account has been posting spam since April 2017 (though all of their old comments have been deleted and are visible only on their overview and comments pages).


(This comment on a draft is visible in the "Recent Comments" stream.)