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I registered r/MetaRational, r/MetaRationality and r/Meaningness on reddit in case there's any interest in building a reddit community around these topics. I guess it might interfere a bit with the revival of LW? I don't know if there's any value added by me registering these subs, let me know what you think.

(Also, obviously I'd sign over r/Meaningness to David Chapman if he displays interest)

A map of LWers - find members of the community living near you.

That map is actually specific to the IRC channel IIRC, as the channel is kind of it's own spin-off community in many ways according to some of the channel old-timers.

Open Thread, Apr. 20 - Apr. 26, 2015

I have a friend with an undiagnosed disease and am thinking about doing the same thing. One thing I've thought about is using a Bayesian Network as a tool, but then again, I'd have to be really careful about how I plug in data, and it would be good to know if there are other approaches to this as well. PM me if you find a good way to go about this.