arxhy's Shortform

Or maybe good enough is the enemy of better. Regardless, the point's been made

arxhy's Shortform

Perfect is the enemy of good; good enough is also the enemy of good.

Why are young, healthy people eager to take the Covid-19 vaccine?

In my case, I probably wouldn't give my life for less than lives of a billion strangers, so that ratio would have to be extremely high, to the point where it's probably incalculable.


Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

I am unfamiliar with the science here -- what is the difference between a "reversed-effect stimulant" and a depressant?

Notes on Honor

We wax poetic about both because we like doing it. I don't think that is affected by whether it's a fluke of evolution

Should we use qualifiers in speech?

There are some acronyms that are already in common usage.

Should we use qualifiers in speech?

Suggestion: continue to use qualifiers, but encourage writing them as acronyms so that they take up less space. Same meaning but quicker and less annoying.

PredictIt: Presidential Market is Increasingly Wrong

"Wrong" as in "less likely to match reality." Not very much is certain, but that doesn't mean we are forbidden from talking about certainty.

Police violence: The veil of darkness

It seems like you are interpreting a discussion that doesn't effortlessly concede to your point of view as a discussion inherently biased against your point of view.

The Darwin Game

Pledging now to join if at least 8 do.

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