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Covid 11/18: Paxlovid Remains Illegal

How should we determine when there's adequate supply? I imagine calling pharmacies and asking "if, hypothetically, I got Covid, would everyone in my household be able to get Paxlovid?" would work very well.

An Unexpected Victory: Container Stacking at the Port of Long Beach

If there are specific problems with those regulations, shouldn't a legislator representing a district with a lot of forestry or ranching be able to propose a sensible solution with little opposition?

An Unexpected Victory: Container Stacking at the Port of Long Beach

The default approach is to try to get the attention of the highest-ranking person they can think of, but this runs afoul of the exact mechanism you mention where attention is precious and the higher the rank, the more fierce the competition for it, and the higher the threshold we need to reach to direct them. But I think this is a power-law distribution, which is to say that as you go down the ladder of hierarchy the attention threshold drops rapidly.

To sum up, we can mitigate the attention problem by aiming as low on the totem pole as possible, and providing as explicit an action as possible.

I wonder if, in this context, that would have meant trying to get the attention of Transportation Secretary Buttigieg rather than President Biden. Or the mayor of Long Beach.

Come Build Affordable Housing!

Right, but that impacts whether it's actually profitable to build them.

Come Build Affordable Housing!

If you buy one, l assume you can't then rent it out at market rate? What restrictions are there on your ability to resell it? I would expect that to massively decrease these units' value to potential buyers.

The value of low-conscientiousness people on teams

As long as we're going off on tangents, does anyone know a name for the bias where Oxonians look like they're doing things effortlessly?

I suspect the following is a common psychological failure mode, and I want a term to refer to it:

  1. See someone doing something amazing and making it look easy
  2. Try to do something similar (or imagine trying to)
  3. Realize (or assume) that it's hard and will take a lot of work
  4. Conclude that because it's easy for the other person and hard for you, you must be bad at it (when actually it's hard for the other person too, but you just don't see the work that they put into it)
  5. Since you've concluded that it's hard and you're bad at it, you give up
Are bread crusts healthier?

The intuition might also come from whole grains generally being healthier and darker than refined grains. A naive attempt to generalize that might conclude that the darkest part of the bread is the healthiest.

What topics are on Dath Ilan's civics exam?

Given the following charts, statistics, and arguments based on those charts and statistics, point out the important flaws in the arguments and state what unjustified conclusions the arguers are trying to cause you to reach.

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