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Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

That religions tend to confuse a factual issue (the existence or non-existence of various divine superbeings and their various characteristics) with moral issues, is one of the problems that I'd like to see solved, not contribute to its confusion.

That's precisely what I was hoping to do. Analysis could show the relationship between users' identification as atheist/religious and their surveyed moral attitudes. Presumably this relationship might not be nearly as strong as people think.

Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

So you're saying that irrational beliefs aren't harmful?

I thought the point of this site was to help people develop a system to reduce exactly such non-predicting "beliefs."

One of the things that I feel discourages non-atheists from even questioning their belief is that they see atheists as "non-moral." That is, morality doesn't enter into the equation of atheism (it's only belief/non-belief), but it is intimately tied to religion. Codifying the moral beliefs of atheists and believers could help to promote atheism as an alternative to religion. Not to mention the interesting data that could be obtained about moral values as related to self-described religious identity.