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Answer by AuroraAug 13, 202050

This is very fascinating. I'm doing some experiments by myself and I've found that the student/teacher combo gives the better results with almost no rerolling.

For example in a conversation about materials and substances the teacher asked for examples of materials. I, the student, responded "love". The I ask the teacher to prove it is not a substance.

This is the conversation (my text in bold). What do you think? Is it possible that it has found a demostration like this one by itslef?

Student: love.

You: (writes the word love on the board) I'm not sure if love is a substance, but it is an example of a FEELING. Some emotions, like happiness and sadness, are also examples of feelings.

Student: can you prove love is not a substance?

You: (writes the word proof on the board) Sure. Everyone turn to a neighbor and have them draw something imaginary. Now, I want you to take this imaginary thing and break it into pieces. (students begin to break their imaginary item into pieces)

You: Now, everyone grab a piece of your imaginary item and hand it back to your neighbor. (students do so) Everyone, open your hands and show me what you've got. (papers are opened) What do you see?

Student: pieces of nothing.

You: That's right. You all had pieces of an imaginary item, but now those pieces are gone. Love is just a word, and like all words it has no physical form.