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Does anyone know some good textbooks for animal anatomy and ecology? I haven't found any good ones so far...

Also, the assumption that the laser is for destruction may be false. What is the laser tags or scans blue objects? Maybe for a space probe, or a scan on enemy robots? What if the robot makes the assumption that the laser is for destruction when it's not, or vise-versa? Does it really matter, when it is programmed to do it anyway? What if the AI is destroying, or thinks it's destroying fellow robots? What if it does not want to? Maybe this is an example of religion from assumption? Because it is 'destroying' blue things, it assumes that is it's purpose. Behavior/motivation from assumption...

This was very interesting, thanks for sharing. My first reply on-site (for a while at least), hope it wasn't in too much of a different direction from what you meant.

I Think is a good thing to be Humble to yourself, not to ague with yourself. if you you are always in self-doubt, you never speak out and learn. If you don't hear yourself, only how 'smart' you sound, you never learn from your mistakes. I try to learn from my - and other's- mistakes but I think observation of yourself is truly the key to being a rationalist, to remove self-imposed blocks on the path of understanding.

I Think it is great that you have such real-life experience, and have the courage to try. Keep living, learning and trying!

(I know this might be off-topic, but this is my first post and I don't know where to start, so i posted somewhere that inspired me to write.)