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PROPOSAL: LessWrong for Teenagers

This may have been true back in the day, but with the way our culture has progressed, I would think that LW could be like Hobbes, Machiavelli, and Rousseau for a new generation. Instead of needing to browse the bookstores for this type of material teenagers could congregate on these forums. I would just use a term that was not "teenagers."

Can you make LW flyers and pass them out at your school, perhaps? Do you have a school newspaper? Maybe you could give this site a plug? Start attending meetups?

PROPOSAL: LessWrong for Teenagers

I'm so jealous. All I got at 15 was Nietzsche, TOOL, and trolling AOL chatrooms.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

I'm Rachel Haywire and I love to hate culture. I've been in "the community" for almost 2 years but just registered an account today. I need to read more of the required texts here before saying much but wanted to pop my head out from lurking. I've been having some great conversations on Twitter with a lot of the regulars here.

I organize the annual transhumanist/alt-culture event Extreme Futurist Festival (http://extremefuturistfest.info) and should have my new website up soon. I like to write, argue, and write about arguing. I've also done silly things such as producing industrial music and modeling.

You probably know me as that really loud girl at parties with the tattoos and crazy hair. I'm actually not trying to get attention. I'm just an autist. I am here so I can become a more rational person. I love philosophy and debate but my thinking is not always... correct?

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Took the survey on my iPhone so could only fill out half the answers. Politics questions were hilarious. Official delurk.