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Is there some general bugs/suggestions box? I've occasionally noticed things that were not a big enough deal to warrant making a post or something of the sort, but were also probably not intentional.

Example: when I search some words/phrases, such as "markdown", using the top search bar, the results are sometimes formatted strangely, where the title of the post and the keyword highlighting run over the top of the comment icon and number on the right. (I'm not seeing a way to insert a screenshot into a comment, but hopefully I've described it well enough to identify.)

Which users you talk to is going to be such a biased sample though. I would expect lurkers both to be more likely to use lesserwrong and to be a majority of overall users.

I don't have strong intuitions about whether this applies to commenting though - it's plausible it doesn't.

Note: the link for "Conform! Every time you walk outside the norm" doesn't seem to be working.

When I attempt the focusing check, it immediately brings to mind the things in my life that are most good, or that make me feel most accomplished. Is the idea to iterate until you've pared it down to things you don't enjoy and don't feel satisfied with? Step 5 seems vaguely to imply the opposite.

As for felt senses, I've had the thought before that right after or right before talking to certain people, I feel like someone broke into my veins and replaced my blood with powdered sugar and helium. Uh, in a metaphorical-poetry way, not in a sciencey-agonizing way.