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Why I am no longer driven

"burning a lot of willpower in the hope that you're constructing a habit. Sometimes it works"

Interesting post! I'm wondering what your goal is or what your goals are. I recognize your situation a bit, I think. 
I studied Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics and Rawls A theory of justice, and feminism through an university, and this helped me somewhat... I also did alot of therapy. 
Do you have any philosophical goals?!

How do you survive in the humanities?

"I was just too exhausted from last week to explain that's not how beliefs should work."

It sounds like you know, or claim that there are objective facts beyond doubt. I am not constructionist, though I am not acting as I am absolute certain of things either.

"Most of my classmates already agree with the view that objective facts don't exist"

Maybe a solution is to act such as there _might_ be objective facts, then the constructionist talk be more durable. I mean then you can say "the constructionist might be right, although probably not."