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About the English translation, I am sorry that this is limited to my English level can not express the meaning I want to express in Chinese. And for Chinese people also to look up the meaning of these words ......... writing the article is my way of categorizing the flow of information, so it probably seems very confusing. But since I posted it here, I will change or explain the terms, thank you. In fact, I am not very good at mysticism and I am not a scholar specializing in this area, but I can write about church culture related knowledge ...... This article is just the tip of my information flow, I am more good at aerospace science or philosophical discussions, but I can't write about it in easy to understand English for now. I'm Chinese, but researching Chinese history related is just one of my interests when I'm bored. If you get a chance, you might see me writing about convolutional neural networks, military ships, pure mathematical science, or the different problems brought by language sorting and language families and history later. I will revise the article based on feedback, but due to my English language skills, I will choose to remove the English version or just write down the general version of this article.

For the problem of some meaningless words, I can only repeat the above explanation for this is my information flow categorization, which is one of my habits, I will remove these meaningless texts afterwards, thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for your comments! For (1), I have a friend who is a native English speaker, but she is busy with work. So I chose to use translation software plus myself to write the English version, and I will try to write the article in English later. For (2), I actually have not explored most of the things in LW yet, so I will choose an article that is not very well formed to post here to test the water, this article is my own categorization of the information flow in my head, so maybe it does not look very logical, thank you for the information, I will change this article effectively afterwards. Of course the English version will be much worse than the Chinese version ...... I choose to remove the English version for now until I can express the meaning of this article in a more understandable way.

Principles of solid rocket engines Author: (Soviet Union) Alemazov B.E, et al. Fundamentals of rocket engines Author:GP.Sutton.O.Bubilaz Principles of solid rocket engines Author: (China) Li Yimin, etc. Compared with these three books, I think Tang Jinlan's solid rocket engine principle is more clear. Tang Jinlan's book starts from the history of solid rocket engines, the advantages and disadvantages of solid rocket engines, performance parameters, solid propellant, thermal calculation of combustion chamber, etc., which is easier to understand. If anyone wants it, you can email me at ...... with the email address in my profile and I will send you the pdf (?).

About solid rocket engine principle: recommend Tang Jinlan's solid rocket engine principle (it's a Chinese book)