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Modified bases in mRNA vaccines against Covid-19

Where do you see it naturally occurs in mammals ?

If my previous research is wrong, what are my options ?

Thanks. I am not ashamed about correcting myself. Rather, the time that passed, since I know about the mistake and did not manage to correct it :-( .

If the method were used, e.g. in a food control lab, it could mean health problems to people, who have an intolerance to the food compound, our analyte. Because it would tell them, it is not there and the food is safe.

Fortunately, to my best knowledge, the method is not in use.

If my previous research is wrong, what are my options ?

New separate article is certainly better than nothing.

Erratum or retraction are, for my conscience, better than a new separate article.

I wonder if there are other ways people deal with this.

RadVac Commercial Antibody Test Results

People, off topic, but why does the site show my e-mail addess and not my user name ? How can I change it ?

RadVac Commercial Antibody Test Results

They did test fot antibodies before taking RadVac. That was a prrcaution to lower the probability, that they would get antibodies due to infection.

We got what's needed for COVID-19 vaccination completely wrong

The vaccine by Stoecker is a protein subunit produced by cell culture. It uses cell machinery like ribosomes, and, more importantly, chaperones, which fold the polypeptide correctly, to make it a functional protein (or protein subunit in this case).

Unlike Radvac, which is a mix of peptide strings synthetised chemicaly.

I made an N95-level mask at home, and you can too

I cannot reproduce your demonstration of electrostatic charge, even if I am using masks or respirators, which I believe not to be fake. Please, what are the particles ? Paper ? Cut paper napkins ? What are they laying on ?

Notes on "The Anthropology of Childhood"

If I could order more sections for this book, I would be interested in:

  1. Female rites of passage. Were they covered by the book ? For instance FGM - some advocate to avoid the actual cutting, but keep the rest of the ritual, because it is so important psychologically. Women tell stories and share their wisdom (in some cultures). Or I have seen on TV, in certain locations adolescents change the shape their teeth, both men and women, which hurts, but they do feel "matured".
  2. Life with and without diapers. I have casually tried infant potty training / elimination communication, and read a lot about how diapers are unnatural and noble savages do not use them. Also China has a succesful tradition in doing without diapers. On the other hand, there are worse things than diapers, e.g. swaddling clothes. Or leaving children stuck in the holes in the ground. I have never seen a good overview in one place.
  3. Influencing a motor development of the child. For instance, we are told, helping the baby walk before it is ready can cause harm. However, some cultures train walking from birth. Or, on the contrary, do everything to prevent snd slow down motor development. That was actually mentioned in the book. I do have an interesting review on this in one place:
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