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Another approach is to try to put your ideas into words that others can understand. Bring in descriptive alternatives to your specialized terminology. 

In a hypothetical conversation about "dangerous ideologies", you might say: "Are we talking about homophobia?" If the answer is yes, then you know you can talk about fundamentalism, doctrinal interpretation, and tribal heuristics -- ideas that can be explained using metaphors everyone understands. 

From there you can begin to explain how these uniquely interact with homophobia to create a dangerous ideology, and why criticism isn't working. In a case like this you might not need to do much work. You can take the general ideas of your most recent writing and transform them into more accessible language for the audience you're trying to reach. 

Someone arguing against same-sex marriage because of religious objections may actually be fixable with a few  conversations, and if your concern was painting the movement as creepy or aggressive this might actually advance your cause more than attempts to directly change their minds with data. 

Still, all this takes more time and you have to be sure you are addressing the actual problem. 

You could rephrase a conspiracy theory into more neutral language and patiently correcting adherents until it makes sense, or you could spend days putting together an emotional appeal to take the place of misinformation. 

The former may work, but it's not a good use of time if the only people reading it are already lost. 

"There are no government attempts to control how many children you have. If you have more than two kids and aren't rich you're an idiot." Here, I've replaced "Malthusian ideology" with something understandable, and defined my terminology so it will slot into conversation easier. 

This will help people read what you say and understand your perspective, but it won't guarantee success. This may not be enough to convince someone already emotionally invested in their position. Nonetheless, I will give it a try.

The answers to all these questions are complicated. While you may not be able to do everything perfectly every time, you're more likely to have the opportunity to do things better if you are operating from a place of greater focus. Your brain has been trained to operate under stress, so when you find yourself in an environment where you need to make difficult decisions, your brain tends to work harder than normal.

When people are dealing with negative self-talk, it makes them more likely to experience middle-nights sweats and hot flashes. When you are comfortable in your own skin, you recognize the middle-night sweats as the result of bothersome clothes. When you're in your own skin and experiencing hot flashes, freaking out isn't going to help. 

All of this can be optimized for, or fought against. Acting rationally and with logic isn't "easy," but it's simple. We should all be able to acknowledge our animal natures. Once you realize that you're an animal, that's when things get interesting. You might be able to train yourself for optimal performance in stressful situations.

It's possible for your brain to start operating under Okay Mode issues... without falling into a cycle of stress. Be that as it may, you'll be much better in stressful situations, and it will be much easier for you to operate under Okay Mode if you take time out on a regular basis. This, at its core, is what it means to embrace "work hard, play hard," but on a somewhat larger scale. 

I don't like the concept of karma: as you say it gets reduced to "if you do good stuff, good stuff will happen to you; if you do bad stuff, bad stuff will happen to you". In other words, you deserve whatever happens to you. You can go around punching people in the face, they deserve it. And with reincarnation you can go around punching newborns because they must have done something wrong in previous life...

I intend to wear my mask after vaccination, if I can be vaccinated in time for that to matter, in order to reinforce mask norms. It’s easy to wear a mask. There’s even some tiny chance it might physically matter, and again, it’s easy to do. As opposed to continuing to do costly social distancing, and yeah, no. 


Wearing a mask after vaccination would reduce the spread of other diseases such as the flu, thus freeing additional healthcare resources for COVID-19 patients.

A very long article about anti-aging and not a single mention of the effect of insulin and carbohydrates on ageing. No mention of the use of a ketogenic diet as an anti-ageing strategy. 

At least you mentioned Metformin...