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I want to generally encourage this kind of experiment-and-publish-quickly project. This might require a post of its own, but as someone with a background in both hacking and entrepreneurship, this kind of quick feedback loop is, in my opinion, an incredible strength of both, and I hope can be used to accelerate scientific progress, which is exactly what we need in alignment.

Might also be interesting to look at this from a Learned Helplessness point of view. Especially with helicopter parenting. Perhaps children aren't learning to solve their own problems independenly. I wouldn't be surprised if this contributes to the mental health epidemic.

A factor for why children are becoming less independent in the US might be car-centric city design. With unsafe streets, and no way to walk to school, friends or after-school activities, parents have no choice but to drive them around. Not Just Bikes has a great video on this

I've seen in the term "AI Explainability" floating around in the mainstream ML community. Is there a major difference between that and what we in the AI Safety community call Interpretability?