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Dyson opens up another interesting question with this. Is it better to survive forever with a finite subjective time T, or it is better to consume 2*T experience in a finite amount of calendar time?

Isn't 2*T obviously better? Maybe I'm missing something here...


Data recovery is a last-ditch effort that often as enough fails, and if it succeeds will only get you back kilobytes or megabytes of your most critical material. (Unless you're lucky enough that it's actually a controller failure.)

If you want to avoid disk failures, invest instead in backups.


When it comes to writing styles? Absolutely. There's a ton of skills involved, and deciding exactly which thoughts you want to convey is only a small part of it.


If jogging isn't convenient, then you can still walk faster.

Whatever your 'natural' pace is, you can easily up it if you consciously try. I guarantee it. Downside is, once you get used to it you'll start to get annoyed at all the slowpokes who seem to think they'll live forever.


Garakowa: Restore the World

It's a movie about a suspiciously humanlike pair of anti-virus AIs, and their attempt to protect a backup archive of human history from destruction at the hands of sapient viruses. It's compressed a bit more than would be ideal, but otherwise well done.

Practically anything else I could say about it would be a spoiler, so I won't. What happened to humanity? Why are they there? Where do the viruses come from? You'll need to watch it to find out.

The story is also interesting due to the central Friendliness failure being novel, fairly plausible, and extremely disturbing.


But here's the thing: most of the suggested ways to solve this problem (including the one I use) involve keeping the massive weak constraint relaxation, throwing away all irrelevant assumptions, and introducing new features to get the structured symbolic stuff. And that revision process generally leaves you with hybrid systems in which all the important stuff is NO LONGER particularly opaque. The weak constraint aspects can be done without forcing (too much) opaqueness into the system.

Where can I read about this?


We already have a media thread. An average of several dozen media links are posted every month[0], and if they were all top-level posts the site would quickly become useless. While the story is interesting, I don't think it's interesting enough to overcome that.

[0]: Have not actually counted.


It's circular, and square.

That's literally all there is. I can't imagine it visually, the way I usually would. Wonder why. :P


I also asked for a square circle which got the immediate reply that it is logically impossible.

I am now imagining a square circle. That's interesting.

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