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On the advice of a new friend, I think that i will be coming to this, but will need some help navigating, since I currently live in Chicago and have been to Ann Arbor exactly once in my life 5 years ago.

Oh, good. I got this too. With XOR. Contrary to other repliers, it seems to me like XOR is a simpler primitive than "the presence/absence of shapes forms a rectangle". It's more easily generalizable and doesn't rely on the existence of other patterns. As a cute curiosity, by the way, the XOR-ing works both vertically and horizontally.

I was slightly late, unfortunately, but filled out the whole thing anyway.

Oh, cool. I've found the distinction to be a very useful one to make.

I don't think I understand what you mean by privative. Is it something like the difference between "na'e" and "to'e" in Lojban? For reference: {mi na'e djica} would mean "I other-than want", and {mi to'e djica} would mean "I opposite-of want".

LW Adirondack? I'm from Albany, and would show up if the time was right. I'm away at college at the moment.

I am unfortunately engaged all that day and thus will be unlikely to be able to show up.

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