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How do I keep myself/S1 honest?

I guess the thing to do would be to correct yourself right away, apologize to the person you told the lie to and tell the truth. Of course that will be embarrassing, but if you let S1 get away with lying, it will get rewarded for doing it and it won't stop.

A new option for building lumenators

Please don't 'twist some wires together', connect them with connector strips like these. Much safer!

How can there be a godless moral world ?

I understand why there is niceness. I don't understand why I should be nice if God doesn't exist.

Because being nice feels nice. Humans are a social species. We can't survive alone, and so we evolved gut feelings that make us behave nicely to each other (at least inside the in-group).

How do you reconcile the lack of choice that children have in being born?

Many, I bet! Me, for one. I'm actually quite happy now, but if someone offered me the chance to live my life over the same way again, I'd refuse. And I haven't even had a bad life, objectively.

Second Citizenships, Residencies, and/or Temporary Relocation

No, I have no idea about how/whether it's enforced.

Second Citizenships, Residencies, and/or Temporary Relocation

The Netherlands allows dual nationality only for people from countries that don't allow one to give up their nationality. If your country allows you to give up your nationality, you have to do that in order to become Dutch.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

Yes, I think it was where he explained that you don't really feel better when you smoke. What happens is that a smoker feels worse in the times they don't smoke, and then a cigarette brings them up to normal again for a short while; so while you're smoking you feel as good as a non-smoker feels all the time. But I don't know if just reading that would have done the trick without the rest of the book.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

I'm actually not quite sure. It's not a whole program; you just read the book, and (if you're anything like me) you're sober, just like that. I'm not a 'recovering alcoholic' the way I see some people writing who have been sober for even longer than I have; I'm done with alcohol, for good, and I knew it right away. He basically talks about the negatives of drinking and the positives of sobriety, with stories and examples, in a way that just 'clicked' for me.

Book review: The Geography of Thought

I'm Dutch, and not into homesteading or anything like that at all, but I also chose the cow going with the grass. Maybe it's because I'm not a native speaker of English? Do you interpret 'goes with' as 'is more like'? I'd have thought it means 'belongs together'. (Of course the cow and the chicken also belong together, in the sense that both live on a farm, but 'one eats the other' seems like a more direct relationship.)

Senior quote ideas

High intelligence has the same problem as four-wheel-drive. It lets you get stuck much farther away from help. –Karl Gallagher

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