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Awesome idea! As an excuse to practice some coding, I made a c++ program that runs a little Rational Breaks timer app on the terminal. I've put it on GitHub if anyone wants to try it out (only tested on linux) Currently in the process of adding a meal breaks feature and making it prettier, that will be up soon. If you use it, please give me feedback and suggest improvements/updates. This is also my first time using GitHub (I'm not a programmer) so any feedback on how that usually works would be great! 

Absolutely! I'm just finishing a bachelor in physics. Email me at

I exclusively use a Nokia flip phone, and have never used a smart phone as my daily driver. Carrying around something with that much potential for addiction in my pocket at all times scares me, and I'd rather save my willpower for more important decisions. I see the occasional boredom as a plus - being comfortable while alone with just your thoughts is a skill worth practicing. There are definite downsides though, especially now with QR code reading being a staple of going out. I also don't like having to rely on others for navigation, google searches etc. (although the flip phone can do these poorly if required). I would recommend trialling a basic phone and perhaps keeping an old smartphone with no sim as a "work phone" for when you need it.