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Well I find an underreaction from the people who if they investigated some facts about 9/11 would see it had to be an inside job. No hijackers they weren't on the flight lists. They say they ID'd everybody in the planes including the hijackers. Where did they get the DNA to check that? Go back one day 09/10/01 and goodle Donald Rumsfailed at the Pentagon and see him announce that the Pentagon has misplaced 2.3 TRILLION Dollars. And what luck 9/11 the next day so no more questions about the missing money. We never should have bombed anybody for 9/11 except the White House. Bush said he saw the first plane hit at the school. NOBODY saw that video till either later in the day or the next day. Why would the school have cable TV and who would be filming the WTC before the planes hit? Bush told reporters before he entered the school that he knew about NY and would take questions later. Well we know he was trying to read in the classroom when the 2nd plane hit so how did he see the first plane again? Impossible is what I say but no one dare ask him again how he recalls that day. This was 3 months after 9/11 at a townhall meeting. Google it if you don't believe me. 9/11 has more lies than lives lost.