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Yeah, it does force one to wonder how that all squares. A thing is a thing is a thing… well you get the picture. Even things that aren’t things are things. Nothing is ever the same, but no thing ever changes? How do you rationalize a paradox like that if nothing truly ever demonstrates itself? And more deepities…

Your question/answer is a really good one. That notion seems to have been around before we could really describe/articulate it, and “the heavens” may well have been just that thing to help describe it.

In the context of the human timeline, this may be one of the first times this difference has provided meaning to us. Therefore, rationing the importance of the metaphor, in the previously static context, I am urged to bring forth a question: why did our ancestors see it the opposite way? I predict that they may be pointing to an undercurrent that has not mattered, until this very post.

Great post. Merry Christmas!