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if both players play (C, C) and then divide up the points evenly at the end, isn't that sort of... well... communism?

Eliezer, you have just replaced Reeves' substance with your own symbol. What's your point here?

Untranslatable 2 is the thought sharing sex.

Sprite, you are, by definition, wrong.

Thirding D Franke's idea.

Eliezer, a thought occurs. I'm sure the new setup will be great for everyone who wants to make sure they're using the right priors and calculating the correct odds about whether to bet on Obama or not. Or indeed, trying their utmost to eliminate every source of bias from t...(read more)

Or indeed Marcello Herreshoff?

Exciting stuff. Looking forward to having the OB back catalogue sorted into sequences. That'll make it much easier for me to badger everyone I know to get reading.

Rob - that's because The Wire is more like real life than real life.

I can see the link to the Chronophone here Eliezer. What would Benny F have found most shocking about today? How can we extrapolate that forwards?

Surely the most scary changes will be in ethics and the way we think of the human ...(read more)

Eliezer, does <a href="">The Adaptive Stereo</a> have an analogic application here?

To compress the idea, if you slowly turn down the strength of a signal into perception (in this case sound), you can make large, pleasant, periodic step...(read more)

<i>[...]my experience of drugs is as nonexistent as my experience of torture.

There's something imbalanced about that.</i>

Agreed. I'm sure both can be procured somewhere in the Bay Area though. Great material for blogging too!

<i>Is the equivalent pleasure one that overrides everything with the ...(read more)

<i>Thus fails the Utopia of playing lots of really cool video games forever.</i>

Not convinced. Based on my experience of what people are like; from the moment where games are immersive enough, and we have the technology to plug in for good, the problem of 'no lasting consequences' will vanish for ...(read more)

Hey Rick Astley! Much better than this decision theory crap.

Came across <a href="">this</a> at work yesterday, which isn't unrelated. For every level of abstraction involved in a decision, or extra option added, I guess we sho...(read more)

<i>I have included in the envelope a means of identifying myself when I claim the money, so that it cannot be claimed by someone impersonating me.</i>

Doesn't that technically make you now <i>Known</i>?

Also, how much time has to pass between an AI 'coming to' and the world ending? What constitute...(read more)