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Michael Anissimov raises a good question about post length. Eliezer, I think some of your posts could benefit from being shorter. You have to say what you need to, but people are more likely to read shorter blog posts.

Even before I'd read the series on quantum physics, I can't imagine fear of still being the same person as a reason I wouldn't sign up for cryonics. My understanding was that all the atoms making up your body change many times in a lifetime anyway, and while that used to distress me I wouldn't have seen it as a problem that would be exacerbated greatly by signing up for cryonics. The only reason I haven't signed up for cryonics yet is money, but hopefully I'll be able to overcome that soon.

Martin, like most people who apologize for having English as a second language, your posts are clearer than those of many people who have English as a first language.