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Good to know. I was asking because my cursory research suggests that it may be oriented towards older people, or others who may be in more need than me.

If it's not too much to ask, what were the circumstances around your using OT?

You bring up a point that I definitely should've mentioned in the post: I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (OCD) and am currently taking medicine for it. It doesn't solve everything (such as the issues mentioned here), but the diagnosis does help to explain why I might be having these problems in the first place.

These sound promising. How would I go about looking for information about these? The terms are generic enough that I'm not sure a Google search would turn up what you have in mind.

Good question. Often, it's both. I will be stressed during a task (e.g. racing thoughts and fast breathing while shopping, or planning to shop) and if I think about it while doing something else (e.g. watching a movie with my wife and something reminds me that I need to fold laundry).

Hmm... I'm probably being thick, but it sounds like gears-based reasoning is just commitment to a detailed model. That wouldn't help you design the model, among other things.

I may need to investigate this on my own; I don't want to tangle you in a comment thread explaining something over and over again.

Thanks for the quick reply! I'll check those posts out.

From what I've seen (which, again, isn't much), gears-level reasoning just involves comprehensively investigating a model. I'm sure I'm misunderstanding it, especially if it's now the basis for most of the posts around here. Could you enlighten me?